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Rodent ControlRodents represent a certain group of domestic pests that should be handled immediately. Whether they are moles, mice, rats, gophers or other creatures they each request a different approach. The methods and products used in clearing the rodent infestation have evolved throughout the years and today there are several quite sophisticated and efficient approaches that could result handy if facing such problem.


Rodents, especially rats or mice, are the worst kind of pests that can not only cause extensive damage to your home, but they can also spread a cocktail of contagious diseases. Rodents are omnivorous, meaning they can eat almost anything and usually inhabit isolated and less clean areas, of the property. Therefore the maintenance of the property and its surroundings, along with the proper waste disposal are of prime importance in preventing a rodent situation. While keeping the inside of your house clean to keep if free from rodents, you should not forget the outside and surroundings of the property. Many areas of the garden can provide shelter to rodents, such as wood piles, vehicle tires, compost bins, bushes and shrubs. That is why you should keep the yard debris free, and regularly mow the grass short.


Rodents make their way into properties through small openings and cracks. That is why you should perform some rodent proofing of your home by sealing these holes and cracks. The second step to prevent rodents from entering the house is to have tightly sealed rodent resistant garbage cans. When the time comes to empty the trash bins do not leave the garbage bags on the front porch, dump them right away. Do not leave any food uncovered and just lying around unattended. The same applies to the pet food. Dispose of any leftovers. Always keep the kitchen and dining room clean and spills free.


Make random pest inspections of the property just in case to be able to prevent in advance a serious rodent infestation. And on top of that make sure you have the contact details of a professional pest control company that could assist you in such times of turmoil.

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