Rat Control

Rat ControlHaving rats within your property is a pretty unpleasant and dangerous situation, as rats are carriers of various diseases which can endanger the health of the inhabitants of the property. That is why taking the necessary steps to ensure a rat free property is of great importance.


Rats can be attracted mainly by food, often they rush towards unsealed garbage or pet food that has been left out, fallen fruits, compost piles, worm bins or exposed dog droppings are also triggering their curiosity. Once in the property rats tend to hide in the insulation of walls or ceilings, behind or under cupboards, counters, drawers, bathtubs and shower stalls, near hot water heaters and furnaces, they could also be noticed in basements, attics and isolated storage rooms.


Do you really want these invaders in your house? Of course not, then why wait and not consult an expert. Even if you are only making assumptions and you haven’t seen the rodent itself it is worthy of calling a pest control company, for you won’t realize when the problem has reached crisis levels. Finding small droppings and chewed furniture could very well be evidence of mice presence in the house, however similar signs hint for the worse case – rat infestation, so stay alert. There is a distinguished trace rats tend to leave though: small holes in the walls caused by their oily fur while they were rubbing against the surface. You can see that there are ways that you can tell whether your house is a victim of rat infestation, however sometimes you should not have to simply guess because you could actually see the rodent. In such cases avoid taking any aggressive actions because if the rat bites you the pain will be the least of your troubles. You should immediately visit a doctor for the attacker might very well be a carrier of a certain disease.


Our advice is not to try to handle the situation by yourself. Contact a professional team and let them deal with the invaders, they have the necessary equipment and knowhow that will help them efficiently work out the problem.

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