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Mice ControlThe mice are considered as one of the most problematic domestic pests. They thrive for the food we keep unattended and once they’ve sensed the comfort of your home they are hard to get rid of. The unpleasant thing about these rodents is that they are very harmful to our health for they could bring diseases and easily infect you or a member of your family with dangerous bacteria. Also their constant gnawing causes damage to the property structure as well.


You can recognize a mice infestation by observing small droppings, fresh bites and tracks on the floor, walls or furniture, or by finding a paper shredded or fibrous material nest, in a sheltered location, on the premises of the property. Also house mice have a recognizable odor that can hint for their presence. If you have doubts regarding mice infestation of your property, call a pest control company and ask them for their advice on how to proceed given the situation. Their help will be of great value in occasions of such nature.


The house mouse can survive in very small areas with limited amounts of food and shelter comfort. Therefore cleaning the property won’t eradicate the problem: the mice won’t be affected of the high hygiene levels, at least not significantly. Nevertheless maintaining your property at good state will serve as positive precaution measure so do not overlook it.


Mouse-proof construction is something all of us could try to reach. The most efficient and permanent form of mouse control is to “build them out” by eliminating all openings through which mice can enter the property. Food storage utilities should be secured as well. All the food should be kept in glass jars, metal canisters and plastic airtight containers.


Having already mice in your house means it is already too late to pay attention to precaution; you’d better go for the big guns. In this case your best friend will be the pest control company, which will act in a quick and clean manner and will save you the troubles in this exhausting rat chase. You don’t have to be alone in this, just call us for professional assistance.


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