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Flea ControlThere are a lot of people who love animals and take care of their pets at home. Some pets like fishes or birds never step outside the house while others such as dogs and cats leave its premises on a regular basis. In such cases the likelihood of fleas infesting the property is quite high. Even if your dog or cat gets its regular shots for fleas and even if you use special shampoos and powder against fleas, your pets still may bring the awful creepers inside your home. Once inside thy may spread, once they have found a friendly environment such as fluffy carpets, wool furniture and etc.


Fleas are really resilient and getting rid of them is hard, that is why trying to deal with them on your own can result in a pure failure. You’d better call professional exterminators as they have the equipment and the knowhow to conduct a proper, full and efficient flea termination.


The extermination process usually consists in spraying the entire floor with pesticides that have a growth inhibitor. The inhibitor will prevent infant fleas to mature and reproduce thus the spreading process will be permanently interrupted. After the spraying has been performed some time should pass until it dries and within this period it is advisable that the residents leave the house. After the extermination is complete, the carpets, rugs, furniture and any other item that could have attracted fleas must be thoroughly vacuumed every day for a period of two weeks in a roll and each day, the used vacuum bag must be thrown away and replaced with a new one. Needless to say, pets that have fleas should be treated as well during this period.


Don’t underestimate the flea infestation, they are said that they don’t attack people, but if you leave them multiplying in your home it is only a matter of time to really sense their presence. We could be of assistance in case you need such, so do not hesitate to contact us if in trouble.

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